Letter: All religions have a place on Earth



Reading Pauline Warren’s Sept. 18 letter, “Democrats consistently disappoint,” I recognize her. Just another American who thinks “their God” is the only god. I’ve been a Buddhist my entire adult life and am an avid admirer of the Dalai Lama. He believes, as do I, that all religions and belief systems have their place in our world.

I don’t push my religion and belief system down anyone’s throat. I don’t sell it door to door. I don’t sell it on television or radio. And, in this day and age, I see too many religious zealots demanding that their religion be the only religion.

This country probably has a greater diversity of believers than any on Earth, and that is as it should be. Your God’s word is not the “only” word. You should open your mind and be more receptive to the beliefs of your fellow citizens of this country and the world. Have you never heard the phrases, “Freedom of religion” and “Separation of church and state”?

Dan Andruss