Letter: Plenty of air space for PDX



Reading the Sept. 22 Columbian story, “Pearson pilots fret over FAA proposal: Vancouver airfield would have to yield airspace to PDX flights,” I am amazed that the great FAA wants to force the pilots at Pearson Field to have to wait for commercial airlines. What is real interesting is that the Portland airport is located in Oregon, whereas Pearson is in Washington. Pearson was founded first. I believe that there is more than adequate air space above Portland to provide safe takeoffs and landings.

I just find it fascinating that Portland has designed an airport that flies commercial airlines that provide numerous amounts of exhaust and noise over the Clark County area. This airport provides numerous amounts of commerce for Portland while the brunt of the negatives go to another state. What a dream come true.

The following link lists some interesting facts about airplane exhaust: Environmental Science & Technology.

Raymond E. Smith