Letter: Public forum on aging offered



Statistics show that the number of Washingtonians 65 or older will nearly double by 2030.

This growth of this population represents an opportunity and a challenge. This growing group of older Americans (the Silver Tsunami) are a great resource as they work, volunteer and serve. However, the aging population is also putting pressure on our woefully unprepared health and long-term care infrastructure.

Elected officials and families must increase their efforts to prepare for this growth. Statewide solutions are needed or we will neglect vulnerable people who can’t care for themselves.

Civic leaders including state legislators and other statewide officials must remain focused on strengthening our capacities for the needed emerging health and long-term care systems. Legislators can support many efforts to improve access to quality, affordable health and long-term care services.

Southwest Washington Agency on Aging and Disabilities is a co-sponsor of a public forum where candidates and the public can learn and discuss current aging issues. Please accept this invitation to either listen in on an upcoming CVTV airing or attend at 6:30 p.m. Oct. 2 at the Clark Public Utilities, 1200 Ft. Vancouver Way. Call 360-735-5752 to register.

David W. Kelly