Letter: Solution: Guns for almost everyone



So now we’ve had a tragic act of violence at a Starbucks in our own town (“Religion possibly a factor in stabbing,” March 13, The Columbian).

If the government issued every eligible citizen a concealed handgun license and a handgun to go with it, along with proper training, the rate of murders would go down because if somebody was being attacked, they would have means to protect themselves. You might say, “But what about the people who would do crime with a gun”? Those people are likely to already have a gun. You might say, “What about the mentally unstable that don’t have a gun, but would if they had one?” The answer: mental health test, for every citizen. If found mentally unstable, they don’t get a gun. We would also give proper gun training, and before anyone gets their gun, they have to pass the standard test. Problems are solved, guns are good.

David Crabtree