Letter: Commissioners aren’t pastors



I thank County Commissioner Steve Stuart for speaking out against opening Clark County commissioner meetings with prayers, and for pointing out how inherently divisive governmental approval of religion is. (The Columbian, March 20, “Board invites clergy of all faiths to pray at meetings, County commissioners vote 2-1 for invocations.”) Allowing any religion to control the county government for two minutes is allowing religion two minutes too many.

Our founding fathers created a secular government so we could decide for ourselves which faith, if any, to choose.

Stuart says Commissioner Tom Mielke is trying to be inclusive. I say he’s trying to force religion — any religion — down the throats of non-believers and make us pay him to do it. Surely there are better things he could be doing with his time.

It appears that Commissioners David Madore and Mielke think the public elected them to be pastors. This showcase of Clark County ignorance is a step backward in time. Perhaps we should start paying taxes to the Church of England again.

David Norris

Battle Ground