Letter: Right side up, please



Looking out the window one evening, I noticed an American flag being flown upside down. My eyes aren’t so good these days, but I could see that flag three-quarters of a mile away. I was horrified.

In my shock and dismay, I called my son, who proudly served this great country, and asked why someone would display our flag in such a way. He calmly stated “That’s a sign of distress, Mom, not disrespect. … The flag flying upside down came from American bases a long time ago. If the base was in need of help, they would fly the flag upside down. It’s probably a sign saying our country is in need of help, and it’s actually a sign of patriotism.”

Still upset at this odd display of the Stars and Stripes, I argued the point. My son replied, “Sorry, Mom, but I agree with your neighbor.”

It is so sad to see this flag every morning, and more sad to think of all the soldiers that have fought and died for our country, possibly in vain.

Let’s get that flag right side up, people. It’s time for “we the people” to quit rolling over and playing dead.

Cindy Newton