Letter: Workers keep our engine going



In response to your March 22 editorial, “Cozy Contract at C-Tran,” I would like to congratulate The Columbian on doing an excellent job on being the peoples’ watchdog. This is the reason that I subscribe to The Columbian. We the voters have learned to treat government like an invasive cancer cell. If we choose not to control it, it will destroy us and our standard of living.

We need to realize that the burden of taxes and regulation is born on the backs of the American worker; not the big corporations. They just pass the cost on to the consumer, and depress working wages in general.

The American worker productivity is the platform on which any economic engine operates. If we can’t compete with the world on a man-hour to man-hour basis, we are lost.

It is the private-sector worker that has to face the whole world, productive man-hour to productive man-hour, for the same job.

It is the average American worker that makes us competitive in the world, not large corporations, or millions of tons of paper regulations.

Jim White