Letter: Access to health care narrows



In the past, my perception of the American Civil Liberties Union has been predominantly negative, for it often seemed to go to great lengths to find some obscure fault with well-meaning legislation or a logical rule of law. However, in the case its current focus on PeaceHealth, perhaps some meaningful good might result.

I have twice been treated at PeaceHealth and found their services excellent. However, recently I received a disturbing notification from my Medicare supplemental insurance carrier saying that PeaceHealth was no longer part of their “network.”

In disbelief, I did some checking; sure enough, PeaceHealth was dropped from their list of approved “network” hospitals. This means that in the future, should I seek health care at PeaceHealth, I would incur a huge out-of-pocket expense.

Generally, we assume that when a health care provider is excluded from the network of a particular insurance company, that the two sides simply could not agree to a satisfactory financial arrangement. But is there more here than first meets the eye?

Ralph W. Burke