Letter: Different bridge plan needed



In the March 22 Associated Press story “Inslee: Transportation plan a must,” Gov. Inslee indicated that light rail is non-negotiable, saying, “We have really only two options, this bridge or no bridge.” I am disappointed and angered that once again an elected official has told the citizens of Clark County what they must do, and not support that opinion with fact. Light rail, costing billions, is not a requirement.

It is past time that Portland and the state of Oregon help design a truly regional transit plan that will allow a greater flow of people and goods. The one thing that has become glaringly obvious is that the corrupted-by-politics design of the Columbia River Crossing is not that plan. It does not do what the Barnum & Baileys in Salem and Olympia pretend it will do.

There is no need to replace the current bridge and no need for light rail. There is a need for better options like a third or even a fourth bridge that would facilitate traffic around the Rose Quarter bottle-neck and to Washington County.

Dennis Henry