Letter: ‘Women’s rights’ poorly defined



It’s a sad day when those speaking for our state claim abortion “rights” as a “core value” of its citizens. When we use language like “women’s reproductive rights” and “protecting our teenagers” to defend abortion, we hide the fact that abortion hurts women, teenagers, and our community. Abortion murders a member of our community. Abortion damages, physically and emotionally, the mother, who must bear the pain over many years.

Yes, women with unwanted pregnancies from horrendous violence or poor choices have the right to and desperate need for physical and emotional care. However, we can care for women, showing them their great worth, and protect teenagers while still valuing the life of an unborn baby. These are not mutually exclusive, and we deceive ourselves by saying otherwise.

May we as a state see that it was not our great victory to legalize abortion, nor will it be to require that insurance cover abortions; it is our great shame. At every stage, life is precious. We can value all human life, caring for and protecting both women with unwanted pregnancies and the irreplaceable lives of their unborn children.

Susan Eyk