Letter: Force CRC to become more open



In the March 5 story “Oregon CRC vote puts spotlight on Wash.,” about Oregon’s approval to pay its share of the Columbia River Crossing, reference was made to Tiffany Couch of Acuity Group, a forensic accounting firm. The firm was hired to investigate the fiscal practices of the individuals and companies hired to perform work of various kinds on the CRC. The story referenced a report published by Couch’s firm, which can be read online at http://www.acuityforensics.com/subs/press.html.

Everyone concerned with the outcome of the CRC project should read these reports. Couch’s discoveries are astonishing; the depth of what could be corruption defies rational belief. More astonishing is the refusal of many of the organizations involved with the project to come clean with Acuity Group, indicating that information released contains half-truths. For example, the CRC doesn’t report that the cost of building the interchanges will significantly exceed the cost of building the bridge. Oregon is scheming through the CRC to have Washingtonians pay for Oregon’s share of the construction of its interchanges by means of the tolls proposed by the CRC.

Tell your elected representatives to untangle the extensive fiscal blunders, and to withhold their assent for funding the project until the CRC and Oregon come clean.

Timothy May