Letter: ACLU is anti-American



I’m responding to a March 24 story in The Columbian, “Prescription for conflict.” We so-called “Christian Americans” have slept while the American Civil Liberties Union, through deceptive arguments, used our courts to turn our Constitution and our rights upside down. No judge or chief justice has had the knowledge or courage to remove the ACLU from the courtroom.

Instead, judges pander to this destructive group of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Fifty-five million Americans have been murdered by the ACLU-sponsored Roe v. Wade court ruling. The question no judge or justice asks: “Where in the U.S. Constitution or its amendments does it provide for ‘reproductive and end-of-life services’?” (These are sugar-coated terms for abortion and euthanasia.) Our cowardly and politically correct justices since 1910 don’t stand up for America’s true constitutional rights. They destroy those rights by finding in the ACLU’s favor.

We the people need to establish a constitutional amendment outlawing the ACLU; defining it as a subversive, anti-American organization whose goal is to collapse the U.S. government from within. The latest attack by the ACLU: no Christian health care, particularly in areas where only Christian care is provided, unless the ACLU’s requirements are met is an absolute “civil rights” violation of our First Amendment guarantees.

Jim Williamson