Weather Eye: Watch for April showers, interspersed with allergy attacks




People were asking me what kind of a weekend it would be — a work out in the yard type or a stay in with a good book type. I advised having a good read; after all, you had last weekend to get outdoors and strain yourself!

Decent rains fell Thursday and Friday, pushing our April total to well over 1/2 inch. With more forecast Saturday night and today we will top the 1-inch mark for sure. Behind the front, blustery winds will surface today with possible afternoon thunderstorms. April in all its glory!

Cooler air will arrive in the mountains for 5-10 inches of fresh snow mainly above 4,000 feet today and Monday. This week looks unsettled at times — April showers in the forecast all week, but a few breaks.

I was thinking April would be dry and warm, but so far it’s wet — even though there was no measurable rain in the first three days. Then, in Vancouver, both April 4 and 5 saw 0.26 of an inch of rain. The average mean temperature for the first five days of the month was 56.1 degrees, 5.7 degrees above average. So the warm part verifies but with cool temperatures on tap all week that average will slide.

Have you noticed all that yellow pollen on your car and other surfaces? Boy, just think — we are breathing that in. I am taking my daily antihistamine or I would be in deep weeds right now. The rains will help settle it but when things dry out and the wind blows, back it will bounce. Spring allergy season is here from now until the field and pasture grasses take over sniffle duties in June.

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at