Letter: Reducing, recycling is good for all



I’m writing in response to the March 27 story “Five local families vie for Wastebusters title.” Although I applaud these people for reducing the amount of garbage they produce, there are others who do it because it’s the right thing to do, and not just because they are in a “contest.”

I recycle, re-use, and compost, and I now have my monthly garbage pick-up down to one can per month. I also try to be eco-friendly, and not purchase items that are overpackaged. My recycle bin, because I’m “county” and not “city,” would normally be picked up every week, but I now only need to put the bin out every two to three weeks, and I hope to reduce that amount even further.

I’d like to encourage everyone in Clark County to do as much as they can to eliminate excess garbage and recycle items. It’s good for the environment, and thereby is good for all of us.

Florence Wheeler