Letter: Firefighters use best practices



There was a plane crash in Brush Prairie on March 31. At the same time, there was a brush fire in nearby Hockinson. I was pleased to read in The Columbian that the Vancouver Fire Department assisted in the plane crash while Fire District 3 took care of the brush fire.

This kind of cooperation between fire departments is also exemplified by the pilot program to use sport utility vehicles to respond to medical calls instead of a fire engine and crew, which the Vancouver Fire Department has recently launched, as reported on March 30 in The Columbian: “Fire department launches pilot program.”

Rural Fire District 3, serving 80 square miles of rural Clark County, has nearly two years of experience in a similar program.

I think it is great that the fire departments share these types of best practices, which result in faster response times and cost savings. It will benefit all of us in Clark County. Putting out fires is only one part of the service our dedicated fire professionals and volunteers do.

Rescuing motorists from their own mistakes in traffic accidents and helping out during tornados and windstorms is just another part of their day-to-day activities. Thank you, firefighters.

Mark Gawecki