Letter: Light rail is not the answer



This letter is in response to Lou Brancaccio’s March 23 “Press Talk” column and “The light-rail passion.”

Brancaccio expressed surprise that 55 percent (now 58 percent) said that they thought light rail would not have helped the traffic backup on Monday, March 18. His surprise shows that he has no experience, understanding or knowledge of commuting into Portland.

I worked in Northwest Portland for 35-plus years. I have commuted from Vancouver, Troutdale, and Beaverton. I can attest that a new bridge (like I-205) and light rail will not help.

I-84 and Highway 26 are still backed up at rush hour, as is I-5. Light rail and the I-205 Bridge were supposed to solve both those problems. They have not.

Light rail did not pull thousands of drivers out of their cars as TriMet expected. It pulled a few but not the numbers they wanted. The majority of light-rail users at rush hour were bus riders.

Peder Erickson