Letter: Vote 'no' in Battle Ground



The state of Washington is on a path of self destruction as it searches for and ferrets out every last dollar from the hapless taxpayer. It will join California and other eastern states such as Michigan, Illinois and New York that are now in a dead status, hopelessly bankrupt with ultra-high debt and taxation and no incentive to create jobs or allow a business to flourish or exist.

In Battle Ground, citizens are being bludgeoned to pay higher taxes for schools that no longer work for all practical purposes. American union-forced K-12 public education, which tests at or near the bottom for math and science, is not competitive with the rest of the modern world.

Even more money for schools? Where does it go? Too often to maintain part-time education and highly paid union jobs and super-benefits.

Many are worried in Battle Ground, not about education, but about who will remain on the payroll and continue to enjoy big salaries, benefits and a high pension.

If the people of this country are serious about no longer failing their kids, they will abolish school unions or at least allow a school voucher system.

A strong "no" vote is justified on April 23.

Frank Krbec