Letter: Vote ‘no’ in Battle Ground



I keep reading impassioned pleas for the Battle Ground school levy. Every year it seems they’re in desperate need of more money. I’ll wager I have voted on more school funding in the last five years than in the rest of my adult life.

Our property values have gone down tens of thousands of dollars per home, yet property taxes continue to increase. Those of us unfortunate to have worked in the private sector do not have a pension. As the private sector found out decades ago, it was too expensive to set aside guaranteed funds for distribution later. Those of us in the private sector have seen our 401(k)s decimated over the past decade to where some will be working well into retirement years.

This taxpayer is tapped out; I can’t afford your pensions or the assistant-to-the-assistant mentality. When I find a educator my age, 58, willing to trade their pension for my 401(k), I’ll vote “yes.” This re-vote smacks of arrogance, which seems to be the norm lately.

Chris Hill