Letter: Food labeling is important



“This is an issue whose time has come … customers have a fundamental right to know what’s in their food,” said Walter Robb the co-chief executive of Whole Foods. I enjoyed reading in The Columbian that Whole Foods will be mandating the labeling of genetically modified food by 2018. (“Whole Foods to require labels on GMOs,” March 11)

It is about time a large organic company is leading the charge on providing a more just and transparent food system.

However, what about people who care about feeding their loved ones sustainable and wholesome food but don’t shop at Whole Foods?

Genetically engineered labels should be required in every grocery store across the state, which is why I-522 is such an important initiative.

Washington has the opportunity to lead the country and require labeling and stop oppressing people’s fundamental right to make informed choices about their food. But we need news outlets like The Columbian to keep up the good work informing citizens about the facts before the millions of dollars worth of industry-funded misleading advertising begins.

Lisa Trope