Miracle League gets financial boost from ball players



Fisher-Mill Plain — The Miracle League of Vancouver is thankful for an $882 donation from students at Shahala Middle School. Ralph Heiser, president of the organization, said the thoughtful donation on March 29 nearly made him tear up. “We’re very thankful,” he said. The gift came from boys on the school’s basketball team, who banded together to raise money for a nonprofit, deciding on The Miracle League, which provides opportunities for children and adults with mental and physical challenges to play baseball.

Heiser said his group is still working on raising enough money to build a disability-friendly field in Vancouver, which could cost around $300,000. While the Shahala kids’ donation won’t seal the deal, it helps them inch closer. “Every little bit put in that pot will help us get it done,” he said. The first game of Miracle League’s 2013 season is scheduled for 9 a.m. Saturday at Burton Elementary School, 14015 N.E. 28th St.