Letter: Low score is a badge of honor



I hope Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler is honored with her low score from the League of Conservation Voters (“Herrera Beutler: 9% rating for nature,” March 25). Sign me up for a low score, too. According to this tax exempt, nonprofit, environmental extremist group, we would all be much better off living in a dome in an urban area, riding bicycles, and limited to one child per couple, and, of course, mass transit. It’s “their way of life, or you are against Mother Nature and destroying the Earth.”

Its website notes the LCV is against the Keystone pipeline, (Do you love being dependent on oil from the Middle East and Venezuela?); against hard rock mining (Where will we get the lithium and nickel for our Prius batteries?); against new oil and natural gas wells (How will we keep warm or drive?); for closing National Forest roads (Sorry, no limited-mobility people allowed.); for windmills (Except, of course, in my backyard); and, for more lovable wolves (There are thousands of wolves in Alaska and Canada; that’s good enough for me).

I would be delighted with a low score. Thank you, Congresswoman.

Chris Brong