Letter: Timing of letter is suspect



David Crabtree (“Solution: Guns for almost everyone,” April 1) has a unique solution for gun safety issues in the country. His solution would be to have the government issue guns for those people eligible to own them. To get your government-issued gun, you’d have to pass a mental health test, you’d have to be trained and demonstrate that you can responsibly handle the weapon.

Some people believe we have too many automobile accidents. Perhaps Crabtree’s gun solution would work for cars. Give everyone a car, train drivers (driver’s education) and this would solve the automobile accident problem.

The mental test for gun ownership is a capital idea. Purchasers of guns should be trained to handle them, before they are bought. Gun owners should be required to pass a “gun safety” course. Perhaps Crabtree has a really fine idea here.

Oops! This letter was published on April Fool’s Day — certainly caught me, didn’t it?

Hugh Shuford