UPDATE: Hazel Dell credit union evacuated for hazardous chemical exposure

By Emily Gillespie, Columbian Breaking News Reporter and Patty Hastings, Columbian Social Services, Demographics, Faith



Columbia Credit Union in Hazel Dell was evacuated Monday morning after two employees got sick from inhaling a suspicious odor.

Clark County Fire District 6 and the Vancouver Fire Department’s Hazardous Materials Response Team were dispatched to the credit union, 808 N.E. 98th Circle, at 10:42 a.m. to check for hazardous fumes.

The team used specialized monitors to check the air quality but did not detect anything hazardous, said Vancouver Capt. Scott Willis.

Two people got sick from the suspicious odor and were evaluated by medics, but they were not transported to the hospital. The employees who got sick felt better within the hour after exiting the building, said Clark County Fire District 6 Training Capt. Bryan Baum.

“There was nothing they could find and no reason staff couldn’t come back,” said Colleen Boccia, spokeswoman for Columbia Credit Union.

Investigators cleared a landscaping company that was spot-spraying weeds around the building.

The building remained evacuated until 1 p.m. while fire personnel ventilated the building.

Columbia Credit Union planned to get hold of its maintenance crew to see what kind of cleaning was done over the weekend, Willis said.

The Vancouver-based credit union has 12 Clark County branches.

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