Letter: Bad ideas: Fewer votes, more guns



The Republican way: Restrict the voting rights of citizens by passing laws that make it very difficult to vote, and have more people with guns. I really don’t think the Republicans truly understand the intent of our Constitution.

Our country has the largest population of gun ownership in the world with the highest rate of gun-related injuries among developed countries. We have well-trained police and law officials that are highly trained in the use of firearms and they still get killed from people with guns. But the Republicans’ answer is we need more guns?

Republicans all across this country are on a mission to curtail our rights to vote because they can’t handle the competition from the Democrats. By any study you can find, the amount of illegal voting is less than .002 percent, but that is the Republicans’ excuse for restricting our voting rights. My dad always told me the Republicans were never known for their math skills. Now I see his point.

Why do the Republicans think the best way to protect our government is to arm everyone with guns and not have the right to vote?

John Reid