Weather Eye: April should warm up again soon, stay that way for a bit




Monday morning was on the chilly side — more like January or February — as winter still tries to hang on. Vancouver dipped to 36 degrees, with reports once again of scattered frost in the outlying areas. We should have a repeat this morning, with even cooler temperatures.

I did mention here a while ago we would have another roller-coaster ride with occasional ups and downs in our weather. So, after a down weekend weather-wise, we shift to an uphill ride briefly before the rains fall again late Thursday through Saturday. And then, yep, up again for next week, with seasonable temperatures and possibly higher — maybe into the 70s. Could we hit 80 degrees before we leave the month of April? Stay tuned.

If you are curious how the weather was last year in April, we had temperature extremes ranging from a frosty 31 degrees to a toasty 83 degrees. Our rainfall was 2.49 inches; about a half-inch below average.

For the first half of this month, we have measured 1.48 inches of rain, which is just slightly above average. Our average mean temperature is 50.6 degrees, 0.4 of a degree below average. So what about the temperature extremes? It was 34 degrees on April 9 and 65 degrees on April 1, 2 and 3. So we have a way to go to match last year, but we will see what the next two weeks bring our way.

Meanwhile, that pesky low pressure system that brought the cool and showery weather Friday through the weekend was still hanging around Monday, although the showers were quite scattered locally. The mountains got more snow, and areas in Eastern Oregon had some heavy snow showers. I looked at the web cams from Sisters, Ore., and it was a winter wonderland at times, with huge flakes falling.

So come on, April, get with it and bring on some sunshine!

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at Weather Systems.