Letter: Let Battle Ground decide for Battle Ground



I have been a Battle Ground homeowner for years and have two kids enrolled in Battle Ground Public Schools. Last week, I received a glossy, yellow flier addressed to me from the Citizens for Responsible Taxation, a Spokane political action committee, urging a “no” vote on $103 million “in new property taxes” for the Battle Ground school levy. I’d like to tell the Citizens for Responsible Taxation how I feel about their intrusion in to our local matters.

How “Westboro” of you to weigh in on funding our local education system.

Good schools are the foundation of our community; I have chosen to support paying an additional $48 per year over the next four years to maintain an excellent school district led by outstanding teachers.

Anti-tax clowns, kindly limit yourselves to damaging the school districts in the Spokane area.

Daniel Vossen