Letter: Poor business decision backfired



I am a longtime resident of Washougal and am disgusted with the city’s trying to appease a business owner who made a poor decision.

Why did we spend $8000 on a sound barrier while a man hangs out in his Humvee hoping to catch dogs barking at an animal shelter (“Dispute over noise goes to the videotape,” April 8, The Columbian).

Where was the owner’s lawyer to advise his client before selecting a site next to an animal shelter that’s been there for 18 years?

Why didn’t he paint his Humvee black and stake out the business and videotape the breaking news that there might be animals inside before moving his business in? Is his business so slow that he can justify hanging out to build a case to verify that dogs bark? What agency does the man contact if he encounters troublesome fish in his underwater construction business?

If this guy sets up his video on a public street outside the police station, would there be concern?

James Scheuffele