Letter: Sacrifices must be made



People in the working class of this country get hit the hardest when it comes to taxation. They have taxes taken in their pay envelope. It's the price they pay for having a dependable job, some of which do not pay all that well.

I do empathize with signon.org in its call to stop President Obama from signing on to a "cutting deal" (example: 5 percent less ) for Social Security recipients, thus bringing together the desired reduction on the national debt. And a 5 percent cut on my Social Security benefit would not hurt me as much as those earning less than $40,000 per year.

But because there are so many of us, it would make a big difference in reducing the debt, which is costing us an enormous amount.

The annual interest on the national debt means that services to the poorest are going to be less and less. We older people will complain loudly if Social Security benefits will be cut, and it will be more painful for some than for others.

But it is the price we have to pay to prevent unbelievable increases on the national debt.

Al Fischer