Letter: Save the music in Hockinson



The Hockinson School District is a big reason we decided to move to Brush Prairie, and since our arrival almost two years ago, we have had two letdowns that have turned us off from it. The first is the new kindergarten schedule, and the other is the potential elimination of the music program in the primary school. This is unacceptable.

The intermediate grades of today are well prepared to learn the next step in reading and performing music because of the instruction they have received at the primary level. As a parent of two young boys, a musician, and someone who volunteers her time with the 5th-grade band weekly, it pains me to know that music is being put on the back burner by those who claim to have our kids’ best interest at heart.

“Save the Music in Hockinson” has a Facebook page that is being updated with the latest news and contact information for our district board members. They’ll be hearing from me, as I don’t want to see this, or any other program, not be available to enrich our children’s education and future.

Amanda Crumbley