Letter: Build new bridge without light rail



Most Columbia River Crossing critics don’t want a generational delay as Rep. Jim Moeller stated “What (CRC critics are) talking about is basically a delay of another generation before any bridge will be built,” (“Legislators jostle to promote CRC ideas,” March 24). We want our concerns to be addressed, cost being chief among them.

Look at it this way. Had the bridge been built five years ago without light rail, would we entertain the idea of building a $1.5 billion light-rail bridge that goes to Clark College? I think the idea would be derailed. If light rail were off the table, the bridge could be built 30 feet higher than current plans. Trains can’t climb hills, so instead it is proposed we pay taxpayer money, hundreds of millions, to relocate businesses.

I say, kill the useless light rail from the project, and build the thing. The Glenn Jackson bridge is already designed for the addition of light rail if it is a must-have item. It could then run from the Portland airport to Westfield, and all the way to the 134th Street park-and-ride.

John C. Braithwaite