Letter: Park deteriorates with free parking



I walk in the Vancouver Lake Park seven days a week. I obey the park rules and I buy my annual entrance pass, a fee I never minded paying. We are now just weeks into the free park entry and I am shocked to observe unleashed dogs running around loose — including pit bulls, which I’m terrified of.

I am not opposed to free entry, but when there was a person working the entry booth, things were under control. Now, with no supervision whatsoever, this beautiful park is frequented by out-of-control animals, litter is left on the lawns and cars speed through the parking lot. Even the squirrels are running for cover!

There are rules and regulations posted at the entrance to the park but these seem to have been nullified along with the entry fee. If our county commissioners expect these rules to be followed (and enforced) then I recommend that they keep the park personnel who have loyally worked these booths for years. Their jobs would be saved, and also possibly thousands of dollars by preventing vandalism to the park. It’s a beautiful park — let’s keep it that way.

Eileen Mains