Letter: Anti-gun cartoon is offensive



The Columbian’s April 9 “Brothers in Arms” editorial cartoon is sickening.

The National Rifle Association is founded on the constitutional right of the people to bear arms, period. The U.N. proposal disarming citizens is more aligned with tyrants in Syria, Iran and North Korea.

Taking my firearm will not make anyone safer except government thugs who break down doors, dragging people away who disagree.

The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is testimonial of these same government thugs, who, under the guise of “protecting,” kicked in doors and removed honest citizens’ rights of self-defense in clear defiance of law they themselves swore to defend.

Gangs roaming the streets were not disarmed. Why? Because, they, like the government thugs in Syria, Iran and North Korea, had firepower.

Times change, people do not. Yes, evil exists, often disguised as good. Removing firearms from every law-abiding citizen on Earth will not produce any gun-free utopia. Why? Because evil exists.

Our founding fathers saw this. This is why the Second Amendment and the NRA exist — to rightfully, constitutionally, in the best American tradition of freedom, stand against attacks on gun rights. To distort Americanism as the cartoonist has done is a travesty. At best, the cartoonist is in the company of tyrants, not the NRA.

Ken Berglund