Letter: Gun-toting heroes stuff of dreams



The present fight over gun control is preposterous. Our children, culture and nation are being assaulted by individuals who owe their allegiance to money, not for the good of our nation.

The facts are simple:

Guns are used by individuals to kill. Pistols and rifles are made for the purpose of killing, among other purposes. The government doesn’t have the time or money to take everyone’s weapons. Pro-gun idolatry by NRA leaders hinders real solutions with folly and stops politicians’ ability to think.

Many politicians are more interested in their future as politicians than our children. The NRA has more power over those politicians than 20-plus mutilated little bodies.

These children and victims of gun violence have no say in this matter. Americans need to grow up and quit wanting to be a gun-toting hero in their dreams.

Metre Ogdee