Talking Points: Caddie voices his opinion



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


About the only guy who probably should have kept his opinion to himself regarding TigerGate at The Masters last week was caddy Stevie Williams.

You remember Stevie, right? He used to be Tiger’s caddy. Then they had a messier divorce than Tiger had with Elin. (Heck, Elin got millions. Stevie got, well, we’re not sure what he got. We just know he got real upset.)

Well, he’s still miffed at Tiger.

He said he believes Tiger should have been DQ’d last week. That’s an opinion shared by many. It’s just it seems bitter coming from Williams.

Oh, and Williams has nothing to be bitter about this week, anyway. He is now Adam Scott’s caddy. And Adam Scott just won The Masters.

Of course, there are plenty of people who think Adam Scott cheats, too.

Those damn long putters are evil, we say.


Speaking of messy divorces.

The McCourts can’t stay out of court.

Remember them? They used to own the Dodgers. Or, rather, Frank McCourt used to own the Dodgers.

Their divorce took a long time and now, it seems, will never really die.

Jamie McCourt asked a judge to set aside the settlement already agreed upon because she only is receiving $131 million. She claims that she is owed $770 million because Frank sold the Dodgers for nearly $2 billion — after the divorce.

Her lawyers claim that she had no access to the Dodgers’ assets during the breakup. So, apparently, she had no idea how much the Dodgers were worth.

Sounds like she should be suing her lawyers. Even as bad as the Dodgers are, even we knew they were worth a lot of money.


New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez said the organization is to blame for allowing the Tim Tebow experiment to become such a distraction last year.

He noted how ESPN had a set to broadcast live for a week during training camp.

Clearly, Sanchez said, the network had to get permission from somebody to do that.

Gee, imagine that. An NFL team hoping to market itself.

No duh, Mark.

We just thought the Jets were trying to show what it’s like to have two quarterbacks who cannot throw.

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