Weather Eye: Admire, cherish treasure of Earth




After a good dose of rain Friday, things dried out nicely Saturday, with sun breaks and temperatures rising close to 70 degrees. Rainfall from the latest weather system ranged from a half-inch in the city to over an inch in Clark County’s outlying areas and foothills.

Today will be a repeat of Saturday, warm with some cloud cover; however, there is a chance of a passing rain shower as a weak weather system lingers close by. If skies clear enough tonight, Monday morning could see lows back down into the 30s and a risk of frost in the outlying colder regions. Just wanted to mention that.

Monday is Earth Day and we will celebrate it under mostly sunny skies and temperatures that may come close to 70 degrees. If not, Tuesday should rise into the 70s for sure. The week at this point remains dry but that elusive 80-degree April day may not materialize this year. Stay tuned.

The falling rain was a peaceful sound through an open window in my bedroom during the wee hours of Thursday night. I listened to the gentle pitter-patter on the roof and tree leaves outside, with the gurgling of swirling water making its way through the downspout and running eventually out to sea, only to come back once again in another time.

The water cycle is an amazing mystery of our planet, and a life-giving gift it is.

With Earth Day tomorrow, think of all the wonders of our sphere — not just the weather, but all the natural resources that keep this planet going.

As residents, we need to be good stewards and be kind to the place we call home. Install a rain barrel, plant a tree, recycle and above all give thanks.

From the earthworm beneath the soil to the frog on the pond, the squirrel in the tree or the birds in the air, we all will benefit.

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at