Letter: Campaign promises are expensive



At the April 2 commissioners’ meeting, county Commissioners Tom Mielke and David Madore voted in favor of removing parking fees at Clark County parks. This midyear budget change of $325,000 will now need to be replaced by money from the general fund or from your and my tax dollars.

At the meeting it was stated that $325,000 would pay for two full-time sheriff’s deputies for one year.

However, the cost is really higher. At least four county staff were at the meeting and most of the time was spent on this measure. Their time will need to be paid.

Also, the resolution will need to

be put in final order and brought before the commissioners again for signing.

Before this meeting, the commissioners had discussed the move at some length in their work session. In addition, the money for this year’s park passes already sold will need to be repaid.

The 623 people with passes will need to be contacted to determine how they want this to be handled and probably checks mailed out. All this means more staff time.

This cancellation of parks fees was a campaign promise of Madore’s. Will he reap the political benefits he hopes from this unnecessary and costly upheaval of the county budget and general fund?

Kent Meyer