Letter: Put light rail on I-205



I recently wasted my time and was late for an appointment in Portland because I sat for over 20 minutes in one of the way-too-many bridge lifts. It was a nice day, so the lift was probably for a sail boat. Looking at the long line of traffic on both sides of the bridge, I wondered how much longer citizens and businesses will take this nonsense. The delays produced by expensive poor planning and opposition from the Tea Party crowd in the county have been totally ridiculous. Stop it. Get your act together and make it happen.

A March 14 letter from Dean Osterman, “Keep pushing for a transit system,” is the most thoughtful I have read on the subject. He is so correct on this issue, that planners have ignored his solution, which is to build light rail on I-205 and have it go up to Washington State University. This eliminates the need for a lower bridge and the expense of moving businesses that require a taller structure. This solution is so sensible it just screams common sense.

Lynn Brown