Letter: Keep the existing bridge



In the Feb. 12 story, “Drawn to downtown,” the Columbia River Crossing is hyped as helping business in Vancouver, because supposedly there will be easier access. So more people will drive to Vancouver from Portland because the bridge will be better is that it?

But how many will come when they have to pay a toll to cross the bridge? And how many will want to move to Vancouver if they have to pay a toll to commute to Portland for work?

Gangs will visit Vancouver more if light rail comes in. Light rail helped them expand their territory in Portland because the “honor” system lets them ride for free, and they will gladly distribute their drugs and crime to Vancouver.

With more than more than $130 million wasted on “studying” the design and plan for the CRC, and with consulting company David Evans and Associates resistant to allow an audit of taxpayer money, one wonders who will really benefit from the CRC.

Let’s wake up we can maintain the existing bridge and stop this nonsense.

John Lifflander