WSP urges caution for motorcyclists in spring



As the Pacific Northwest welcomes sunny spring weather, the Washington State Patrol is gearing up for accidents and fatalities involving motorcycles.

In a typical year, one or two riders die that first nice weekend, and several more are injured, the agency said. Washington State Patrol Chief John. R. Batiste urges motorcyclists to enjoy the ideal conditions, but to also ride sober and keep the speeds down. The most common scenario, he said, is a rider who approaches a curve too quickly and loses control.

The State Patrol offers the following tips for motorists:

• Speed reduces reaction time and increases the seriousness of injuries, so keep to the speed limit.

• Riders should take approved motorcycle safety classes.

• Automobile drivers should take extra time to look for motorcycles in their blind spots before changing lanes and allow greater following distances to avoid potential collisions.