Frey family moves to second night on ‘Family Feud’

Vancouver man, brothers, sister-in-law, dad get another shot at winning $20,000




The Washington family featured on “Family Feud” Thursday missed out on the $20,000 top prize, but won $820 and another shot at the big bucks.

Matt Frey, from Vancouver, said his phone wouldn’t stop ringing immediately after he, his father, two brothers and sister-in-law appeared on the long-running game show. They won — though not the grand prize — and will return for round two today at 5 p.m. on KPDX (Comcast channel 13, broadcast 49). If the clan wins again, they’ll be back on television Monday.

“Win or no win, we were just happy we got to get up in front of everybody and put our family on TV,” Matt said after the show aired.

“Family Feud” pits families against one another in a competition where they try and guess the most popular answers to a variety of questions from a survey of average people.

Survey questions on Thursday’s show ranged from naming a “foreign accent people think is sexy” to “something men don’t care is dirty or not.”

In case you were wondering, most men don’t care about dirty socks, dirty hair or dirty wives. At least according to “Family Feud.”

The Freys had a slow start, but quickly took the lead from a Kentucky family. Yet in the final round, they only racked up enough points to win $820.

“A lot of people are harassing me for how terrible we did, even though we won,” Matt said. “They said some of our answers were just awful.”

Matt’s dad Jack flashed a toothy grin when he answered “touch yourself” after being asked to name something people do under the covers at night to not wake anyone else. That risque answer got the team no points, but did cause the crowd and host Steve Harvey to erupt in laughter.

Matt said he now feels bad that he and his brothers goaded their father into that answer even though Jack had protested.

“My dad is the most religious, humble man you will ever meet in your entire life. We forced him to say that,” Matt said. “He was furious.”

The Frey family taped their appearances last July.

As long as they keep winning, they can compete in up to five episodes — each giving them a chance to win $20,000.