Letter: Private company should step up



The recent explosion in West, Texas, of the fertilizer factory will be a really good example of how things really are.

This is a private company. This company’s insurance should be 100-percent liable, and the agencies of the state of Texas and the federal government should not have to furnish any kind of aid to any of the victims, or the company itself. The insurance company and/or the company itself should repay the local government and any and all who assisted in helping.

What are the odds of this happening? Well, this is a good case of capitalism and socialism. Since the Republicans are so certain capitalism is the only way to go, let’s see if in fact we go there. I’d say not.

More than likely, the Federal Emergency Management Agency will kick in all kinds of money and help while the rest of us are forced to listen to the Republicans screaming about government spending. Sort of like the guy who says “no socialized medicine and keep your hands off my Medicare.”

Vivian E. van Dijk