Letter: Consider alternatives to bridge



The Columbia River Crossing imbroglio is a prime example of how officials are stealing our right to self-determination. Many Clark County voters have told their leaders twice that we want nothing to do with light rail. Twice now, our leaders have shown that they see elections as a method to quiet dissent. “We the people” insist that they comply with our instructions.

Let’s analyze what the taxpayers have gotten for the $200 million spent on the CRC this far:

• Two floors of expensive office space in Portland.

• Dozens of full-time employees with full benefits and retirement.

• A flawed bridge design. The proposed bridge is too low for river traffic. A proper height would create a grade too steep for light rail. Instead of admitting the error, planners suggest high-profile cargo could be partially disassembled or trucked around the bridge.

State Sens. Don Benton and Ann Rivers and State Rep. Liz Pike, along with others, have temporarily stopped the flood of money from Washington taxpayers down the black hole of the CRC.

They offer logical alternatives to the bridge issue.

Richard Thomas