Letter: Gas taxes penalize economy



Kudos to Don Brunell for his April 16 business column, “New rules to boost cost of gas again.” Higher gas prices do not benefit taxpayers. Costly federal regulations and higher taxes only increase our national debt, destroy our economic growth and stagnate jobs.

Before I retired in 1987, oil companies were grossing 4 to 5 cents per gallon on gasoline. According to Brunell, if the 10 cent/gallon increase on gasoline that Washington State seeks actually happens, Washington drivers will be paying 65.9 cents per gallon in federal and state tax, which is the third-highest in our country. Where’s the fairness in this?

Over the past 50 years, the petroleum industry, through technology and modern laboratories, has made our lives better and our air cleaner. So where are Sens. Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray on this issue? It’s time for them, and others, to step up and do something positive for the taxpayers and our country.

Lee Powers