Talking Points: Polling the Kings



What’s the buzz from the world of sports? Here are some items that will have people talking:


This is far from scientific, but we’ll presume that it is at least well-informed. ESPN asked its panel of NBA experts a pair of questions relating to whether or not the Sacramento Kings will move to Seattle.

Asked, “Where SHOULD the Kings franchise play in the future?” 58 percent of respondents said Sacramento, while 42 percent went with Seattle.

That is in contrast to the question, “Where WILL the Kings franchise play in the future?” That one garnered 60 percent for Seattle vs. 40 percent for Sacramento.

David Stern, meanwhile, indicated Thursday that a decision won’t be made for at least another two weeks. Until then, Seattle supporters can celebrate the results of the ESPN poll.


From the file under the header “You know things are dire for the Los Angeles Lakers when” … Magic Johnson put forth this tweet on Thursday, “Laker Nation: With Steve Nash & Steve Blake down with injuries there’s no way the @Lakers have a chance to win.”

Magic Johnson?

Mr. Laker?

The guy who’s all smiling positivity?


When Magic jumps off the bandwagon, all hope is certainly lost.


Between the 40-yard dash times and the bench-press numbers and all the talk about intangibles and stuff like that, this was our favorite fact from Thursday’s first round of the NFL Draft: The Kansas City Chiefs became the 11th team in the past 11 years to have the No. 1 pick.

That can be viewed as a reflection of the NFL’s parity.

Or it can viewed as a warning:

No matter which team you root for, your time at the top of the Draft is coming.

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