Astoria’s pig back in the pink

Eagle Scout candidate repairs police department's beloved concrete porcine statue



ASTORIA, Ore. — The Astoria Police Department’s concrete pig is back in the pink and ready for another 20 years of duty.

The porcine figure was dropped at the station in 1993 by someone who didn’t stay to explain the gift.

Unoffended, the police promptly adopted the animal statue and left it in place.

But two decades took a toll, washing off the pink paint, pitting the surface and loosening the ears.

Michael Peden, the 16-year-old grandson of a police department administrator, took on the restoration as an Eagle Scout project.

Now, the department has stationed the restored statue in a more prominent location, as it said in a news release, “at the entrance to the police department parking area, watching the comings and goings of police officers.”