Letter: Legislators are not trusted



The April 20 McClatchy-Tribune story “Culture, mistrust helped defeat gun control bill,” written by David Lightman, missed the target completely. Lightman states one reason the bill did not pass is that legislators felt their constituents do not trust Washington, D.C. Actually the constituents do not trust the legislators, with good reason. We no longer have to wonder if our legislators accept money (bribes) from anybody; they do.

And the party slipping them money can be foreign nationals. Now why would a foreign national be so interested in affairs American? It must be because they love America, just like the legislators, right?

There are no good reasons not to get background information on people buying guns at gun shows or online. The people that don’t want to are the gun manufacturers and dealers who want to sell guns to anybody, anywhere, any time and are willing to pay for it.

So far they have stopped any attempt to protect us from people who should not own guns.

Our legislators are still standing with hands outstretched and their consciences locked up tighter than their guns.

Herb Stokes