Letter: Third bridge is best solution



In his April 13 letter, “Build a third bridge at 192nd,” Peter L. Williamson’s comments mirror my own. I have wished for a bridge from the east side of Vancouver to Troutdale or Gresham for dozens of years.

To reach that part of Oregon, or to travel east on Interstate 84 or over Highway 26 to Mount Hood and Central Oregon, one must travel on Interstate 205 south and merge onto I-84 east to reach a point that is directly across the river from Camas. The amount of extra miles traveled, time lost, gasoline used, and increased traffic is huge.

Additionally, a third bridge would help to eliminate traffic on both I-5 and I-205.

With the rapid population and business growth of east Vancouver, Camas and Washougal, it makes sense to consider a bridge in the 192nd Avenue/state Route 14 area.

Ruthie Westlund