New at the library



This is just a small sampling of the many new titles added each week to the Fort Vancouver Regional Library District Collection. Visit the district's 16 locations, the website at, or call 360-906-5106 to reserve titles or find additional listings.


"Bonefire of the Vanities," by Carolyn Haines

"Odds Against Tomorrow," by Nathaniel Rich

"Prophet of Bones," by Ted Kosmatka


"Good Jeans: 10 Simple Truths About Feeling Great, Staying Sexy, & Aging Agelessly," by Diane Gilman

"Once Upon a Flock: Life With My Soulful Chickens," by Lauren Scheuer

"The Secret Lives of Sports Fans: The Science of Sports Obsession," by Eric Simons


"Heidi Heckelbeck is Ready to Dance!" by Wanda Coven

"I Represent Sean Rosen," by Jeff Baron

"Like Bug Juice on a Burger," by Julie Sternberg