Letter: Allow differing beliefs in hospitals



Joel Littauer’s April 18 letter (“Hospitals must be inclusive”) was fascinating. I was not aware that the definition of “inclusive” was compromising one’s own beliefs in order to please others.

A Catholic institution is not being “prejudiced” if it holds to the idea that human life is sacred.

If someone said, “I know you think stealing is wrong, but I think it’s OK, so I want you to rob a store for me,” would you do it? Obviously this is not a perfect analogy (and for the record, I don’t think non-Catholics are criminals; I’m not Catholic myself), but the concept is still there. We all have some form of morality. But why should the morality that reproductive and end-of-life care are “medical needs” be forced on an institution with differing beliefs?

Why do we live in a society where we condemn those who believe in the sanctity of human life?

Anastasia Reinhardt