Letter: Depression affects teens deeply



Teen depression and suicide are huge issues in our area. This past winter I heard of two teen suicides. Last year there were four among local high school students. Depression has teens spiraling downward, and drug use and self-harm are becoming prevalent in schools everywhere.

After receiving help for my own depression, I was sent back out into the world with the tools and skills needed to deal with life. Since then, I’ve been working extensively to help other teens going down dark paths. I’ve been working with Choose Life, an organization helping troubled youth in our area.

Also, I’ve been working with my school, educating parents about these issues.

Schools need to educate students about mental health. Maybe if health class actually taught us positive coping skills, teens would be more equipped to deal with life’s struggles. Rehab taught me a lot about mental health.

I only wish I hadn’t needed to go to rehab in the first place, and had been taught this stuff at school.

Emily Hancock

La Center