Letter: Teach the power of love



With all the horror going around the world today — child abuse, animal cruelty, bullying, hazing, gangs, shooting and rapes — why not begin some proactive offsets beginning in early childhood?

Begin with our children in the second grade, average age 7, who are beginning to develop their intelligence, learning skills and finding their place in the world. A two-week required course would teach expressing kindness, love and the reward of self-respect and respect of others. No particular religious affiliation need be referenced, and parents would be invited to participate.

This class should explain how love and kindness promote character and self-esteem, something lost with bullying, hazing, shootings, rapes, etc.

They also should be taught that participating in any of these horrific acts leaves scars and guilt that last a lifetime.

Many children may not be learning these values at home. Teachers would need some special training, but our next generation may be kinder, loving and less violent.

Edi Perron